Are bananas sustainable?

Concerning sustainability, bananas have fairly low environmental effects. That is because of their low carbon footprint which is estimated at 0.48 kg CO2e per kilo. When we compare this to UK tomatoes (increased in greenhouses) which are 2.5 kg CO2e a kilo, then this seems quite small. Bananas are energy efficient since they use the natural sun to cultivate. They also have their own tough skin that acts as natural packaging. This really is favorable in comparison to soft berries which need the plastic packaging to maintain them in perfect condition. By choosing The Banana Store products, consumers can support environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

More sustainable banana farming practices

In The Banana Store, farm yields are, in addition, a priority but worker well-being and the health of the land, neighboring forests, and waterways are considered equally important and essential to the long-term sustainability of this plantation. As an example, that green groundcover on the farm in Bihar may seem insignificant, but in reality, it’s a proven, climate-smart process to stop soil erosion during heavy rains and hold moisture in the ground during droughts. Although maintaining ground cover means farm works have to pull poisonous weeds manually, that preliminary investment in labor pays long-term gains into the farmers by diminishing herbicide use and its own associated costs.

We Hate Wastage

At The Banana Store, we make sure the by-product of banana farms are recycled and used to generate income and employment by converting Banana Fiber waste into ropes, handicrafts, Banana Paper, and other Banana Fiber Products. We help many women handicraft artisans generate income and a better livelihood.

Our Eyes set on saving water

The Banana Store is only following processes for integrated crop management. As the access to freshwater continues to diminish, there’s a need to consider more conservatively concerning water usage. Also, it has led us to seek solutions to traditional water usage. We train banana farmers on how they could decrease water usage and also prevent water wastage. Besides implementing water-saving programs and training within our very own farms, The Banana Store also aims to enhance the environmental requirements inside local lands

Voluntary Sustainability Standards

We’re increasingly using voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) to handle the industry’s sustainability challenges, For example, harvest diseases, climate change effects, excessive pesticide use, low farm-gate prices, and poor labor techniques. At The Banana Store, these standards have been propelled from specialization markets into mainstream markets due to rising demand for consumers, buyers, and producers to address socio-economic, environmental, and food safety concerns.

Commitment to more sustainable banana production

We’re devoted to a universe in which biodiversity thrives in harmony using humanity.Where hunger and climate modification will be terms relegated to history books.Where farms are more sustainable, consisting of plants that are more adaptive and resilient, to help increase economic prosperity for all families and their communities. In short, where agriculture is part of the solution to many of the planet’s biggest challenges. Agriculture has long had an innovative spirit. From the earliest farmers crossing distinct kinds of plants to produce sure they are heartier and better to cultivate to today’s farmers that are pushing the boundaries of electronics to plantation smarter, change and progress have been a constant in agriculture.

Reviving banana Farmers with indigenous wisdo

This way farmers would get to earn a living from what they know best, consumers would get great food and business would strengthen the resilience of their supply chains. Working together, weaving all the connections with these visions in mind is the way forward. Farmers want to be part of the market and generate more income and enjoy a better livelihood. Promoting indigenous underutilized banana varieties could accommodate the two worlds.

Shaping the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

Farmers’ livelihoods are challenged by the changing climate, limited all-natural resources, and growing social requirements. Along with banana farmers, we always want to move agriculture forward, together with your eyes on an even more sustainable future. Including life through an understanding platform that promotes conversation and showcases on-farm sustainable techniques together with banana farmers. Our journey today takes us down a way to obtain the methods to this dilemma; along with we have been committed to continuing to innovate and grow, and partner with others to shape the future of everything is potential also to enhance our vision of health for everybody, thirst for not one. Our responsibilities to sustainability rise above banana farming. Adding better survival in sustainability with Women Empowerment. Our country is moving forward each day with increasing gender equality and The Banana Store makes sure that this development never ends. We are dedicatedly concerned about women’s empowerment and provide jobs and work opportunities to even women farmers on the banana farms. We also help them generate more income with banana fiber handicraft making.

Innovating today for a sustainable tomorrow

We’re a team of experts and individuals working toward achieving a sustainable planet. Sustainable development and the use of any state’s soil and water resources necessitates a knowledge of the intricate environmental, societal, and economic drivers that have to be harnessed to keep access to future water, food, and energy resources with minimal unwanted effects. Together with its core advantages in STEM, advanced instrumentation, social and behavioural sciences, under its worldwide sustainability strategic theme, The Banana Store is making links abroad to help solve all these pressing sustainability difficulties.