We have two missions with our banana store –

  • We aim to create an enormous group of farmers companies doing sustainable banana farming. We wanted to be one of the reliable companies in the world motivating our farmers to make efforts towards Sustainable banana production without any harmful effects on the environment. We are following cultivation practices in the banana industry which are designed to ensure sustainability and mitigate the effects on surrounding ecosystems.
  • India is the world’s leading producer of bananas with a share of around 25% of the total output. We want India to become the largest country in the world for sustainable banana farming. Our main motive lies in the idea of India being under the top 10 countries in the sustainable development index by 2030.

Banana waste management

We desire to do the best we can!

Heads off to our hardworking farmers who take the initiative to recycle the banana waste which is then converted into the beautiful, durable and lustrous fibre. Each product of banana fibre is the result of the creativity and patience of our talented artists who make wonderful handicrafts, rugs and also aims to develop local livelihood opportunities for women. Banana farming is best with the motive of generating more employment for ” poverty-stricken ” and ” needy” who struggle every day to meet their daily needs.

How incredible their crafting looks, with what we consider waste, being embraced by them to create new things.

We ensure no adverse effects on the environment with the promise of offering the best, environment friendly and 100% biodegradable.


Vivek Singh, a perfect example of an innovative mind, passionate about doing things differently, making life better for people.

Thinking of doing something unique, Vivek Singh decided on a plan to produce more with less harm to the planet. He observed banana field management for a long time. Being true fond of bananas, he started taking an interest in a banana plantation and planning to make India the biggest banana supplier at the International market.

Realizing the degrading quality of life among poor and womens, he decided to generate higher financial gains, to create and lead an organisation. He has the potential to bring change every woman wants in her life. He has been promoting women empowerment in India for over 5 years. Vivek with his team stands in the favour of teaching small farmers (especially poverty-stricken ) and women across India about recycling the banana waste and making Beautiful handicraft items out of them.

He followed balance and consistency with his actions, making this planet a more sustainable place for the next generation.

He ensures his action will be safe for the environment and a light of hope for needy people and women.

The banana store

The banana store is the only company in the world working only on the banana product line with a sustainable vision and an aim to make life better for rural women and banana farmers.

We don’t only support banana fibre handicrafts but also help banana farmers in extra income enhancement. The more they dedicatedly work on the banana field, the more they will be earning for themselves and their family. We also support women empowerment by organising various training programs where their work is equally recognised.

Handicrafts from banana fibre have the charm of their own, especially because they are not mass products created in a factory. The creativity of our artists can never be underestimated. We are not limiting ourselves to only handicrafts and soon going to add some more amazing banana products like banana rope, paper, banana paper carry bags in the upcoming time.

The way we produce is different

We are trying to minimize the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals to grow one of your favourite fruits sustainably. With no harm to the environment. With low harm to the environment, planting is done with the promise of Sustainable cultivation of bananas on a large scale.

With environmentally conscious methods to ward off pests, nutrient-rich fruits are highly offering a wide number of opportunities to needy farmers. In terms of sustainability, we ensure bananas have a fairly low environmental impact. The cultivation of bananas is widely popular to ensure sustainability.
We wanted to take the edge off the effects on the surrounding environment.

Empowering women towards economic independence.

Power to her, meaning power to the whole world.

Though women represent on average 43% of the agricultural workforce in developing countries. In most developing regions, agriculture is the main source of revenue for rural women.

Knowing the fact, they earn less than men and have less job stability, we enhance more women’s activities.

Banana cultivation has a tremendous impact on poverty reduction by increasing women employment through raised productivity, equal recognition, providing linkages to the market and adding value to rural employment.

Independent women would serve as role models to their kids. Though we empower women by giving them the freedom to learn new skills, and gain autonomy. We believe our support is an ideal way of building self-confidence in their lives, motivating them to earn for themselves and making their life happy and satisfied.

A step towards success.

Despite being popular for producing bananas on a large scale, India’s export rate is still 1-2%.

With the commitment to achieve something, Vivek Singh and his team are truly dedicated to planning a big banana farmers network in India so that India can reach a good level of export rate.

He motivates farmers to do sustainable banana farming to not harm the environment. He desires to work hard so that India can meet the international standard of banana farming.

Ethics & Story:

As we know a lot of hardships are suffered by needy people and those whose caretakers or guardians have lost their lives in a pandemic. With our sustainable banana farming, we are recycling the waste which is mostly dumped and can cause several ecological changes.

Though we have three main missions regarding our banana farming which includes-

  • Empowering women by offering them opportunities to work, and earn for themselves.
  • Employment to poverty-stricken, and small farmers who are struggling and don’t even have breadwinners in the family.
  • Recycling the banana stem waste to prevent any environmental damage and by taking this under-valued commodity with limited commercial value to the international market to give it global recognition.