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We’re increasingly using voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) to handle the industry’s sustainability challenges, For example, harvest diseases, climate change effects, excessive pesticide use, low farm-gate prices, and poor labor techniques. At The Banana Store, these standards have been propelled from specialization markets into mainstream markets due to rising demand for consumers, buyers.

Our Process

Tissue Culture Selection

We select and buy top quality banana genes that are free of diseases, pests, and viruses.


We harvest bananas at 80-85% maturity as it depends upon the destination it has to reach.

Bunch Transfer with Care

After harvesting, each bunch of bananas is transferred to the next step with utmost care.


We wash the cluster with a soap solution and clean it to remove crowns, distorted fingers and dirt.

Pre Packhouse-Quality Assurance

A quality assurance team checks the entire packaging before sending it to pre-cooling.


We pre-cool banana boxes at a particular temperature in order to increase their shelf life.

Pre-Dispatch Quality Assurance

Here, another team takes care of the container temperature, hygiene, machine, etc.

Dispatch to Port

After quality assurance, the boxes are sent to the port for further transfer.

Integrated Farm Management

We practice optimum resource use, recycle farm waste, generate employment and ensure sustainability.

Following Global GAP

We follow maximum global GAP standards and are working hard to get a GAP certification soon.

Large Farmers Network

We have a large network of farmers. No matter how huge your order is, we at The Banana Store fulfil it.

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